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Lisa Huard, the lead consultant, began working in the field of school safety with the California State Department of Education and California State Attorney General's Office in 1989 as a member of the School / Law Enforcement Partnership CADRE. 

Her career first and foremost has been as a classroom teacher.  She knows the operations of a school and has experience in managing them from the district level.  Knowing how schools operate and the need for flexibility

Lisa has worked in school safety development first with Anaheim City School District and then with Lake Tahoe Unified School District as the Safe Schools Coordinator.

Developing plans as a team and implementing strategies at the site and district level are elements for building safe schools.  Schools and districts that students and staff feel good about, feel safe at, increase test scores and decrease expenditures. 

District sizes have varied, but her philosophy on how to develop safe schools remains consistent and is a process that schools can follow in order to be effective.

From Lisa Huard
"Being an active part of schools is a daily process for me; whether that involves safe school development or working with schools as a community leader.  Dwindling school budgets, mandates from the state and federal government that are not fiscally supported, the pressure of test scores; school districts are expected to have student and adult safety at the forefront but oftentimes lack the personnel with knowledge and experience to do so. 

Through the many years of working in this field I have developed procedures and processes useful for school sites and district levels.  With my trainings come procedures you can adapt to fit your needs or use verbatim.  Accountability procedures and documents to support this task are already created and can be used for years to come.  

I will also share experience with commercially created products to consider using in your district.  They add efficiency and professionalism to your already busy schedules.  As I work with your schools and district, we will develop a procedure in which the process will continue year after year.  It's more economical and time efficient to bring in someone who is experienced and who currently works on school campuses and at a district level."  

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